I have been absolutely terrible with my blog lately. You all will have to forgive me. I'm 21 and a hot mess. I have not been very inspired as of late, but regardless, I am forcing myself to be proactive. Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes very quickly, burns very brightly, and then vanishes at the most random of times. Thankfully, summer is here and with it comes the excitement of tanks tops and shorts, long days by the pool tanning, and vacationing! My family and I are going to the Florida Keys in a few weeks and I cannot wait! The first thing my parents always tell me when we start planning our vacation is, "Dillan, pack light!". I can't help the fact that I like clothes. I like to have options. I'm a style blogger so it's not a bad problem to have until my family has to hold their luggage because I insisted on bringing 4 suitcases. Whoops!


What I'm Rocking:

Tank top (Urban Outfitters) - Jacket (Old Navy)

Board shorts (American Eagle) - Shoes (Converse)


Dillan Moore